About Us.

At Consultics we have created an innovative and breakthrough platform that transforms the idea of a traditional Consultancy Agency into one that is driven by finding innovative and impactful solutions. We like to call it ‘Consultancy with a Twist’, hence Consultics our Brand. The mechanism behind Consultics is fueled by its people, their experiences, their passion and their innate need to deliver.   This synergy is what exceeds client expectations and plays a pivotal role in identifying those solutions that will transform client experiences, setting a global precedent that is unmatched.

Through the use of an integrated range of tools, our aim is to incorporate client experiences with what matter most and to fulfill expectations through predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) & Metrics that will continually achieve Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Team, Partners, and Associates are carefully selected through a combination of predefined criteria of the highest standards. It is our desire to associate our brand with only the best in service and innovative excellence, with a proven record of achievements. These associations combined with our expertise will be leveraged so as to design solutions that will fulfil every client’s needs.

‘It is always better to have many brains rather than one brain to think of everything’, hence why we follow a “Together we can achieve more” philosophy.

Consultics is not only about brains however, more importantly it is about the heart, and we believe that if we can align both, the power is limitless.

Our vision is to revolutionise an entire industry by creating sustainable bespoke solutions that are customised to the needs of our clients and which can meet their business objectives

Consultics is all about helping a client ‘Break the Swirl’ of internal and external forces that impede business development.

Consultics specialises in four main areas,

(1) Diversification of Companies to the Middle East- ConsulticsME

(2) Consultics partnering with our Global Partner Stadia Solutions on providing solutions throughout the Sport Industry in its entirety.

(3) Consultics Marketing & Branding – transforming client objectives into dynamic deliverables.

Stefanos Nicolaou

Founder, Chairman & Acting CEO

Stefanos is the Founder and Owner of Consultics. He is currently also the Chief Executive Officer of Consultics. Consultics offers the platform through which Stefanos can lead and deliver his vision of creating a bespoke company that caters to client needs through innovation and a thought leadership process. Stefanos is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Market Research, Business Process Improvements (BPI), Data Analytics, Marketing Concepts and Activation Mechanisms, and in Innovation when it comes to Technology. He has travelled the Middle East extensively for over twelve years and has lived in the Middle East for the past six years enabling subject market expertise and a concise understanding on how the region behaves and operates. Through the years Stefanos has acquired several leadership positions from operations to key decision making posts that have always enabled the companies which he has worked for to thrive. As a strategic thinker and visionary he has developed several concepts and thought processes that have enabled companies and organizations to grow. Through a synergistic approach he has enabled global and regional companies to partner with Consultics to deliver ‘what matters most to clients’ in the region. In his most recent career Stefanos had led MBUZZ Insights and Solutions (Riyadh) as Chief Executive Officer creating a pipeline of business for the organization and forming a new concept that delivers the essence of data. He also promoted the partnering of MBUZZ with leading organizations across the globe. He attended Global forums in the United States, Europe, and Asia and created a benchmark across the region. Prior to these experiences in Saudi Arabia, Stefanos was Associate Partner and Chief Country Officer for IQUAL, a boutique research agency. This role enabled him to develop the markets of Qatar and UAE and afforded him the know-how of transitioning and acquiring global clients from competition as part of the portfolio. In addition, Stefanos has 10 years of Market Research Experience. His knowledge allowed for key initiatives as a Director of Business Process Improvement for Middle East North Africa & Pakistan at the Nielsen Company. He focused on the Six Sigma and Lean approach and improved the overall processes and procedures of the organization across the region. Prior to that Stefanos was the Managing Country Director for Lebanon and Jordan for the Nielsen company where he managed more than 100 employees across the two countries. His career began as a field manager for the Levant Region where he managed the operations across Nielsen. He was also responsible for managing two full Cenci in Lebanon and Oman for many FMCG clients. Most of his experiences focused on Business Development across all the roles in the executive and senior executive roles across the research industry, technology, innovation, concepts, and business consultancy.

Andreas Pavlou

Head of Operations

His energetic approach to business reflects his wide experience in sales, marketing, event planning and strategic management consulting. Prior to his current position, Andreas was the CEO of M-Idea Solutions in Cyprus, a marketing company, where he managed campaigns for several leading global brands across several industries. He is experienced in consultation, event organizing, project management, and in customer service. His 5 year experience as an antiques evaluator and collectibles expert, gave him a unique entrepreneurial development, and advocacy for small businesses in Cyprus. He adopted an alternative approach in interpersonal communication and has created a wide network of people from all walks of life. Andreas is also the Vice President of the Nicosia Book Club in Cyprus.

Nilo Villaviray

Chief Designer

A creative Graphic Designer who has mastered the art of brand creation and break language barriers through visual communication, partly due to his long stint of experience in Asia, Middle East and now Europe. Through his 20 years of experience in this field and an innate creative talent, Nilo can transform a concept into visual context, converting words with graphics that communicate a brand’s message in an unprecedented manner. Nilo plays a vital role in the design process of all Consulitcs Marketing and Branding, in that he has a deep understanding of the emotive undertone that visuals create, and which captures an audience in a way that words can’t describe.

Maria Demetriou

Sales & Marketing Executive

Creativity, self-motivation and multi-tasking are the skills that make Maria, suitable to be the youngest member of the Consultics team. Maria, studied Business Administration with concentration in Marketing, at the University of Cyprus. Her management skills combined with highly developed organizational capabilities, contribute at making her an important part of Consultics Marketing & Branding. She is a hardworking and energetic executive with confidence and great communication skills. She is also able to cooperate well and adapt easily in different situations, providing innovative Concepts revolving around each client’s specific objectives. Maria’s ability of working with deadlines and managing complex problems in an assertive manner, make her qualified in implementing Project Management as well as Sales and Marketing operations, with the maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness.

EM Montenegro

Web & Digital Specialist

A strong & seasoned developer. He use code to make design and ideas comes to reality. Experienced in the Web Development Industry, and has worked with corporations and entrepreneurs, as well as small local startups and businesses. He pushes himself to learn new languages, frameworks, and techniques.