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    Bespoke Solution
    Establishing and Determining the Bespoke Solution that matches your business
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    Return On Investment
    Defined by thought leadership and an unprecedented mix of tools, aiming on fulfilling the expectations for a robust ROI
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    Our Goal is to diversify your company to the Middle East making sure we understand What Matters Most
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As part of the process on establishing the best business model and eventually assessing the success of the model, this is the stage where key performance indicators (KPI’s) and metrics are measured. Comparisons are made to the initial stages of the project as per what was determined during the insights stage. Return on Investment (ROI) is more important than ever at this point of time. Determining the right resources and fit compliments the process on eventually having the best on matching requirements and company structure.

  • Evaluation Analysis: Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Metrics
  • Financial Analysis: Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Evaluation of Success Factors: Market Research
  • Human Resource Management

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This stage is where Consultics takes the client to market on implementing all the critical steps and requirements as per the Engagement Stage. All the requisite moves will be mapped out in a way that minimises risks, and saves money and effort. Moreover, we offer several models on facilitating the implementation process if the client opt for Consultics to be part of this process.  

  • Training on product service
  • Building the Leads and opportunities
  • Communication between BD and Technical team
  • Creation of proposals/proposition
  • Pitching
  • Client negotiations and discussions
  • Alignment between internal stakeholders
  • Agreement formulation/payment term propositions
  • Structure development for implementation
  • Project management/supervision (not technical)
  • Project costing review based on localization elements
  • Alignment of KPI as defined in Engagement stage
  • Management and facilitation collection of Payments
  • Assistance on Bank facilities requests

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Assessing the scope in which the client would be targeting its efforts to diversify to the Middle East. This is where Consultics would define, determine, and differentiate the value proposition of the client in relation to the opportunities at hand. We undertake this by Country, Market, and Region. Hence, Consultics would provide the client with available options that can be catered to fulfil the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and the needs of the Market. This stage provides the answers to all the questions set forth by client on how the client would engage in the market of interest or market Consultics believes the company has an opportunity to diversify into. Representation, local presence, partnerships and other models of diversification are all examined in detail and designed specifically to fit the requirements and culture of each client.  

  • Strategy Design
  • Define Network Design
  • Cooperative Strategy Design
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Behavior Indicators
  • Entry Point Prerequisites Alignment
  • Target Segmentation
  • Business Case
  • Cost Management
  • Re-visiting and revision of Corporate Strategy
  • Project Profiling and Valuation
  • NPV Techniques
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Enhancing the customer’s understanding
  • Critical success factors
  • Utilization of SWOT Analysis
  • Support in offers, negotiations and signing
  • Independent viability assessment
  • Analysis of the recovery options
  • Loan restructuring advice (If applicable)
  • Implementation plan

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For every company that would like to cooperate with ConsulticsME to assess options for diversifying into the Middle East, we will conduct a briefing process to ensure we understand if the company has the basic criteria for entering into a business relationship with our agency. This is the most important step for ConsulticsME when it comes to the processes and procedures as defined by the agency. This is where we also get a clear understanding of the ‘Voice of Customer’. Through our well defined tools on extracting and extrapolating information, the basis for the new vision is developed as per the objective to diversify into the Middle East..  

  • Current Situation Assessment
  • 3 Day Work Shop – gather VOC.

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The prescreening stage is an exchange of basic information regarding the offerings of the involved parties and an early understanding of the objectives. This stage also involves the preparation of the proposal based on the initial insights gathered from the meetings and preliminary research and the drafting and signing of all necessary agreements.  

  • Preliminary Research
  • Initial Meeting
  • Company Profiling
  • Tier Segmentation
  • Proposal
  • Agreement Formulation
  • Signing Ceremony

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