The Client

Athletic Club Omonia Nicosia, commonly referred to as AC Omonia, is a Cypriot football club based in Nicosia. The club was established on 4 June 1948, joining the Cyprus Football Association in 1953 and its home ground is the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. AC Omonia has won 20 league championships, 14 Cypriot Cups and 16 Super Cups.  Moreover, AC Omonia holds an outstanding record of 14 championships in two decades and remains the only team to have won the championship six times in a row and the Cypriot Cup four times in a row. In addition to the above, AC Omonia also operates basketball, volleyball, cycling and futsal.


The Challenge

AC Omonia’s needs included the development of their marketing strategy, structures and practices. The main objective was the creation and support of existing structures, aiming at strengthening the brand name of OMONOIA, locally and internationally as well as the development of the marketing and sales strategy.


The Concept

The first step in achieving AC Omonia’s marketing strategy development, was to learn everything about our client. Through an effective workshop we had the opportunity to be aware of the stakeholders’ thoughts, opinions and goals related to the club. Moreover, we conducted research and data analysis processes and based on the insights, we created a custom strategy, including stakeholder’s desires and our thoughts of how we would strengthen AC Omonia to the maximum. The next step was the creation of the Designs that were followed by innovation, standardization and consistency and they were an important part of the Branding strategy. The final step was the Implementation of the strategy. Consultics also worked in the areas of attracting and satisfying new sponsors, stimulating and improving the promotion opportunities for the current partners of OMONIA, in full cooperation with the Board of Directors and the Marketing Department of the Club.


The Outcome

AC Omonia’s new marketing strategy, contributes to the development of its marketing practices and structures and provides a strengthened brand name of OMONOIA. With the launch of AC Omonia new website and the creation of “OMONOIA Premium” platform, the club was able to promote its local and international development and complete its sponsorship standards. Finally by building on our collaboration with Stadia Solutions –our big sports partner- and through our network, locally and internationally, we managed to build and strengthen the OMONIA brand through realistic approaches.

Project Images

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