The Client

Athletic Club Omonia Nicosia, commonly referred to as AC Omonia, is a Cypriot football club based in Nicosia. The club was established on 4 June 1948, joining the Cyprus Football Association in 1953 and its home ground is the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. AC Omonia has won 20 league championships, 14 Cypriot Cups and 16 Super Cups.  Moreover, AC Omonia holds an outstanding record of 14 championships in two decades and remains the only team that have won the championship six times in a row and the Cypriot Cup four times in a row. In addition to the above, AC Omonia also operates basketball, volleyball, cycling and futsal.


The Challenge

AC Omonia assigned to Consultics the sponsorship recruitment process of the club. The aim was to recruit potential sponsors and manage to match their goals with the needs of the club in order to create a long-term and efficient partnership with profitable outcome for the both sides.


The Concept

Sponsorship recruitment, was based on some important operations that contributed to the effective integration of our goal. The main objective was to arrange every detail that influences the successful implementation of AC Omonia’s sponsorship recruitment. Firstly, we cooperated with Stadia Solutions - our big sports partner - in order to have a complete asset valuation of AC Omonia and create an evolutional branding followed by consistency. Then, our work was packaged in an attractive way utilizing our design team. The next step was to approach potential sponsors, have meetings with them and be able to listen to their concerns, match their goals with AC Omonia’s needs and create efficient proposals. The last and most important step was the implementation of our plan and proposals and finally, the completion of our task.


The Outcome

Concultics completed the sponsorship recruitment operation of AC Omonia, successfully.  The club has now eleven partners: Puma, Primetel, DIMCO, Gree, Cobalt, Megabet, Krypto Security, Laiko Group, Landas, ENERVIT and Radiological Diagnostic Centre. The great combination of the sponsors’ and AC Omonia’s needs, led to improvement in the financials of the club and was a big step in AC Omonia’s goals achievement and brand development.

Project Images

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