The Client

Athletic Club Omonia Nicosia, commonly referred to as Omonia, is a Cypriot football club based in Nicosia. The club was established on 4 June 1948, joining the Cyprus Football Association in 1953 and its home ground is the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. AC Omonia has won 20 league championships, 14 Cypriot Cups and 16 Super Cups.  Moreover, AC Omonia holds an outstanding record of 14 championships in two decades and remains the only team to have won the championship six times in a row and the Cypriot Cup four times in a row. In addition to the above, AC Omonia also operates basketball, volleyball, cycling and futsal.


The Challenge

AC Omonia assigned Consultics to discover a creative and innovative way to build the brand name of OMONOIA and give fans an idea of the AC Omonia development and of the changes that were applied in the club. Consultics created “OMONOIA Premium”, a platform that aimed at bringing the world even closer to the team and to what is related to OMONOIA by providing to the fans, high quality and high technology material and information while providing additional revenue for the club.


The Concept

The idea behind “OMONOIA Premium” was to create a subscription platform with interesting content for AC Omonia fans. Users would have the opportunity to enjoy creative OMONOIA content and at the same time, enhance the team’s financial stability by their subscription. Consequently, the selection and creation of Premium content was based on conducted research and data analysis. That gave us an idea of understanding the likes and dislikes of users and provided some ways in which we could satisfy their needs and maximize the abilities of our platform. The next step was the evolving of Premium and the creation of the ability to provide upgraded promotion to the sponsors and partners of the association.


The Outcome

Consultics launched “OMONOIA Premium” on June 2017 and it has achieved great success rates. It’s worth noting that “Premium" is in the clubs standards of the English Premier League and this is the first time that is applied in Cyprus. Generally, “OMONOIA Premium” content include a great variety of audiovisual material, interviews, high quality analysis, statistics, moments from the history of the club, competitions and special offers. It also has plenty of material from behind the scenes and a special section for its fans and for the organized groups. With more than 1000 subscribers, “OMONOIA Premium” continues to develop and in the upcoming months, it will also be available in application form.

Project Images

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