Social Responsibility.

Consultics is in the process of associating its name with several charitable Institutions & Associations in Cyprus, Qatar, UAE, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the aim of contributing to Society. In addition, Consultics has committed a percentage of its annual proceeds to helping others. Consultics is also committed to assisting with events that will help raise funds or provide a service to the Community. Consultics HQ is currently implementing procedures and policies for the adoption of a Green Approach. The support of various causes is of utmost importance to us and we actively seek and enable such initiatives. The selection of causes to which Consultics will contribute is determined by criteria defined by Consultics and Consultics has the right to deny any Institution and/or Association if it so chooses. Criteria:

  • Institutions and/or Associations must have a clear Vision, Objective & Passion for a Cause
  • They must provide proof and historical evidence that Proceedings are Donated to the Pre announced Target Group
  • They must be recognized & supported by the Community
  • They must not encourage Religious and/ or Racist Discriminations or any similar or other such orientations
  • They must be able to provide Success Stories & have a Proven Record of Best Practices
  • They must accept Due Diligence to be conducted upon the Institution and/or Association

If you are an Organization and/or Association and believe Consultics should be associated with your entity please do not hesitate to contact us. Consultics has the right to deny any application at its discretion other than for the above mentioned Criteria.